Ringless Voicemail

Alesco’s Ringless Voicemail technology allows you to send a pre-recorded voicemail directly into mobile phones without making a call or ringing the consumer’s phone.  With over 300 million registered mobile phone numbers, nearly every American over the age of 18 owns at least one mobile device.  With this proliferation of mobile and smartphone usage, media consumption has become highly fragmented, creating significant challenges for marketers.

A Ringless Voicemail campaign allows you to tap into this trend and cut through the clutter by connecting with consumers who will give your message their full attention.

The technology was designed to be a non-intrusive form of communication, allowing consumers to listen to the message at a time and place of their choosing. 

Our platform creates a call session directly to the wireless carrier’s voicemail server and is essentially a computer-to-computer communication.  There is never contact between the message provider and the consumer.  The service is fully compliant with all FTC/FCC regulations and all federal and state communications laws. 

Our service includes full post-campaign reporting, enhanced activity tracking, built-in do not call management, landline identification and duplication eliminator. 

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