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Data Analysis

Profile Analysis
Custom Modeling

Our Data Analysis Services help you transform your marketing data into actionable business intelligence, helping you attract new customers, retain them and maximize their lifetime value.

Our experts will show you how to enrich your data, analyze it, and create comprehensive action plans for maximum results. From basic Profiling to Custom Modeling applications our team has the background and experience to craft the optimal solution for your needs and budget.

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Profiling is a basic analysis service that allows you to learn more about your customers by enhancing your data with Demographic, Lifestyle and Geographic information. Once your data is enhanced, it is analyzed against benchmark information and a series of reports are created that outline key findings. These reports along with your newly enhanced data will enable you to make more intelligent decisions regarding customer segmentation and prospect selection.

Custom Modeling Applications

By utilizing robust statistical analysis tools to thoroughly analyze your data, our Custom Modeling Solutions will significantly increase the performance of your direct marketing programs.

Best Customer Model – Our Best Customer Model enables us to find “look alike” prospects within our compiled databases. By analyzing your customer database, we determine the key characteristics (demographic, lifestyle, geographic, etc) of your best customers. The Model estimates which prospects are most likely to respond based on prospects that have similar profiles as your customers.

Customer Lifetime Value (LTV) Model - LTV models analyze historical customer purchases to determine future revenue potential, allowing you to develop more precise acquisition decisions. LTV analysis tells you how much you can spend to get new customers (or keep existing ones) and still make a profit.

Up-sell/Cross-sell Models - These models identify customers who are most likely to purchase additional products and services based upon what they’ve already purchased from you. This analysis can greatly reduce marketing expense and also enhance customer loyalty by allowing you to send more relevant marketing messages to your customers.

Attrition Model - Everyone knows that it is less costly to retain an existing customer than to acquire a new one. However, should you seek to retain all of your existing customers? At what cost? An Attrition Model will help you identify customers who are most likely to switch to a competitor. When combined with other analysis tools (such as the LTV and Up-sell/Cross-sell Models) you will know which of them you should you try to retain and how much to spend doing so.


Our geographical mapping solutions allow you to analyze your customer and/or prospect records based on location. This is useful for visually representing customer density, area penetration, response rates, demographic profiles, market potential, site selection, drive time or any other custom data element of interest. In addition to digital maps, we offer software solutions that enable you to link location analysis to your internal databases giving you the ability to geographically and demographically profile and analyze your customers in real-time.

For additional information call 800-701-6531 for a professional consultation with one of our Data Analysis experts or contact us online detailing your needs.