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  Consumer Data  

Our comprehensive Consumer Database gives you access to over 200 million consumers at over 135 million addresses, allowing you to accurately get your message to your best prospects. Compiled from multiple data sources such as telephone directories, credit files, mail responders, government records and other proprietary sources, our Consumer Database offers unsurpassed coverage and may be segmented by many criteria. Selections include:

• Affluent households • Age and date of birth • Credit card holders
• Ethnicity or surname • Education • Hobbies
• Homeowners or renters • Home Value • Home Age
• Income • Length of residence • Lifestyle categories
• Mail order buyers • Marital status New homeowners
New Movers • New parents • Occupation
• Pet owners • Phone numbers • Special interests

Plus many more!

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New Movers/New Homeowners
Resident “Saturation” Data
Travel Leads
Specialty Data
Insurance Leads
Retail Mailing Lists

Make your next marketing campaign a complete success by calling 800-701-6531 for a professional consultation with one of our Consumer Data experts. If you prefer, you may email us detailing your needs.

New Movers/New Homeowners

New Movers

Our New Mover data is updated on a daily basis to ensure you’re getting the most current information available. The data is selectable by age, income, presence of children, home value, dwelling type, move date and move distance. No other file on the market compares!

New Homeowners

Our New Homeowner data enables you to target the millions of Americans each year who have recently purchased a home. Studies have shown that, once they’ve moved in, New Homeowners purchase more in the first six months than they do for the following five years. Our New Homeowner data is updated on a weekly basis, allowing you to reach these highly responsive consumers early in their “buying binge”. Selections include: age, income, ethnicity, loan amount, loan type, purchase price and purchase date.

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Retail Mailing Lists

Our targeted Retail Mailing Lists will help you increase store traffic and acquire new customers. We understand the challenges that Retail marketers face and can help you develop the data strategies that will allow you to communicate effectively with your existing customers, as well as, efficiently target new prospects.

Your direct marketing campaigns should do more than just bring you customers - they should bring you more profitable customers. By utilizing our Profile and Analysis expertise, we will help you focus on your most profitable customers and prospects. Your messages and marketing campaigns will make your company more effective, more profitable and better able to compete.

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Travel Leads – Successful Travel & Hospitality Consumer Mailing Lists

Qualified leads are a key ingredient in a successful Travel & Hospitality business. Alesco Data provides accurate, targeted and responsive travel leads that produce results and increase profits! Select from the following sources:

  • Budget Minded & Family Travelers
    Target your campaign around the savvy leisure traveler. This list can provide ideal prospects—people who plan on taking affordable, yet thoroughly satisfying domestic and international vacations.
  • Frequent Travelers
    Reach prospects who are always on the move and like to travel in style. Select from either business or leisure travelers.
  • Upscale Travelers
    The sky is the limit with these prospects who are regular travelers with high incomes and net worth. These travelers frequent the world’s most upscale destinations and enjoy the finer things in life.
  • Cruise Travelers
    Proactively reach these prospects who have cruised before and are perfect candidates to consider additional cruise offers.

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Targeted Lifestyle Interests

Go beyond the typical demographic selections by targeting specific lifestyle interests, hobbies, ailments and/or product usage. Maximize the efficiency of your next direct marketing campaign by reaching prospects that have the specific desires, hobbies and interests that relate to your product or service. Select households by more than 1,100 specific product usages, interests and ailments:

• Ailments • Contributors • Cultural/Arts
• Dieting/Weight Loss • Computer Use • Apparel
• Traveling • Self Improvement • Physical Fitness
• Music • Hobbies/Crafts • Sports Recreation
• Electronics • Investments • Sweepstakes
• Pets    

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Direct Insurance Leads

Qualified Insurance leads are the lifeblood of every successful Insurance Broker. With over 24 years of lead generation experience, Alesco Data has the background and experience to supply quality Insurance Leads that will produce results. We offer lead programs customized to your specific product line:

• Long Term Care Programs • Annuity Leads • Senior Market
• Family Plans • Seminar Leads • Group Insurance
• Health Care Leads • Property/Casualty  

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